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Credit Counseling Could Reduce Your Total Credit Card Payments by up to 30-50%.

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Excellent service

All my dealings have been completed timely and Consolidated Credit had represented


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Helping me to get out of…

Helping me to get out of debt,with low payment. Thanks for your support 🙏🦋😊


5 stars

Great Customer Service!

So far everything is great. I had an issue but Consolidated Credit handle it in a…


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They are just helpful

They are just helpful, polite and seem to care about you

Sharon Ellis

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Professional and…

Professional and courteous representatives.


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CCS is a great Company!

CCS is a great Company! They are supportive, comforting and a big help in getting my…

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Great Company so far

We are new with this company. So far the best thing is the way they keep in constant…


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Great Company

Great I would recommend this company


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The Agent was patient…

The Agent was patient and very helpful


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Very Friendly

The consultant I spoke with, Jason, was extremely friendly and non-judgemental. The…


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Courtesy, they are very helpful, and they are very trained about the lenders process…


5 stars

Very nice and good.

Very helpful customer service. I’m lucky to have this access.


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Craig Mednick listened…

Craig Mednick listened very well and pleasantly as I described my situation. He then…

Viola Magsisi

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The team was extremely patient and supportive. They created an extremely manageable…


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Consumer Credit Counseling Services Help People Find the Best Solution to Get Out of Debt

When consumers face challenges with high interest rate credit card debt, nonprofit financial counseling services are there to provide support. A certified credit counselor reviews your debts, credit, and budget in a free, confidential evaluation. They explain all the various options for relief, from debt consolidation to bankruptcy. Then they recommend the best option to use based on someone’s unique financial situation and goals.

If a consumer will need help to get out of debt, credit counseling organizations also provide debt management programs. They help someone consolidate their debt into one affordable monthly payment. Then they work with creditors to reduce or eliminate interest charges and stop fees. This allows a consumer to get out of debt faster while lowering their total monthly payments by up to 30-50 percent.

Consolidated Credit is one of the nation’s oldest and largest nonprofit credit counseling services. In 30 years, we’ve provided free credit counseling evaluations to over 10 million people, helping them find the best solution for their needs. We’ve also consolidated over $9.5 billion in credit card debt through our debt management program.

How Credit Counseling Services Work

  • Receive a free debt analysis from a certified credit counselor
  • Understand your options for debt relief
  • Get professional help to consolidate debt

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Success Story

Tammy B. from Concord, ND

“I am almost finished with my consolidation! I only have 3 months and I will be debt free!!! Thanks to consolidated credit! I can only imagine where I would be today if I had not decided to go with this company. I was barely paying my minimum payment on some cards and not paying others at all! The interest and late fees were burying me month by month. So I knew that my only choice was to either file bankruptcy or find a company that was honest and would help me dig my way out of this hole I was in. After weeks of reading reviews online I decided that Consolidated was the company to go with. Although it has not always been easy I take pride in the fact that I have paid all my creditors back the money that I borrowed, with of course the help of this great organization! ”

Success Story

Liz A. from Colorado Springs, CO

“My credit score was around 600 before and it is now up to 750. We’ve bought a couple cars during this process with very good interest rates. I’m so happy we did this. After paying $50,000 in four and a half years, I think pretty much anything is possible. ”

Success Story

Alex P. from Miami Lakes, AL

“I would like to say Thank you for the outstanding service that you gave me. I started the program just four short years ago and in March I will be debt free. With your help in setting better plans with my creditors I was able to accomplish this. It was hard work, but it was all worth it at the end. The Consolidated credit counselors are the best; they answered all of my question(s) and helped me every step of the way. ”

Success Story

Christine W. from San Diego, CA

“We were up to our ears in credit card debt from purchasing a house we couldn’t afford. They were able to enroll most of our credit card companies in the program and brought our interest rates to anywhere from 0% to 2%. Now, at the halfway mark, we can envision what it will be to be completely debt free! The credit counselors are incredibly warm and helpful when you call. They are always available and they keep close track of your creditors by requesting quarterly updates, making sure all the companies are still at the agreed interest rate. ”

Success Story

Althea from Huntsville, AL

“I’m very pleased with the $400 payment that I make to Consolidated Credit to disburse to my creditors. Reducing my payments by around 20% put it in a financial range I could afford. If feels so good that the money goes towards the principal now and not interest. ”