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Reduce Your Total Credit Card Payments by up to 30% to 50%.

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Courtesy, they are very helpful, and they are very trained about the lenders process…


5 stars

Very nice and good.

Very helpful customer service. I’m lucky to have this access.


5 stars

Craig Mednick listened…

Craig Mednick listened very well and pleasantly as I described my situation. He then…

Viola Magsisi

5 stars


The team was extremely patient and supportive. They created an extremely manageable…


5 stars

Quick response time and…

Quick response time and very helpful.


5 stars

We’re grateful.

We’re grateful.


5 stars

The amt never changes…

The amt never changes and y’all have helped my credit score


5 stars

Everything is very…

Everything is very smooth and appreciate the monthly statements very much to be able…


5 stars

Great company

Great company, this has helped me tremendously.


4 stars

So far things are good

So far things are good

Sheldon Capers

5 stars

Love the consultation

Love the consultation, care and end result coming for the situation.


5 stars

excellent work

excellent work


5 stars


This company helped me to get my debt under control with a lender that gave me…


5 stars

She was very helpful and…

She was very helpful and kind to me. She was also very patient while i tried to find…


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Katasha was amazing

Katasha was amazing, pleasant and walk me through everything I was confused…

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Case Study

Ronnie from Madison, TN

“I can tell anyone that it can be done because I have done it with the help of Consolidated Credit. As I like to say the ‘proof is in the doing’ and that’s what we did. ”

Where he started:
  • Total unsecured debt: $17,560.00
  • Estimated interest charges: $10,156.47
  • Time to payoff: 13 years, 5 months
  • Total monthly payments: $702.40
After DMP enrollment:
  • Average negotiated interest rate: 8.13%
  • Total interest charges: $3,230.00
  • Time to payoff: 4 years, 7 months
  • Total monthly payment: $384.00
Time Saved

8 years, 10 months

Monthly Savings


Interest Saved