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Best Rating: 5 | Average Rating: 4.7 | Reviews: 8222

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Review your debts, budget and credit with a certified credit counselor to see if you qualify for a debt management program and explore other options for relief.

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Take the time you need to decide. Once you are ready to enroll, we will call your creditors and work with them to lower your interest rates and stop late fees.

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Get Out of Debt Faster

The program is easy! You make one payment to us each month and we distribute the funds to your creditors on your behalf. You can be out of debt in as little as 36 months.

See How Much You Could Save

Just tell us how much you owe, in total, and we’ll estimate your new consolidated monthly payment.

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This estimate compares paying your credit card debt on your own vs. the potential benefit of using a Debt Management Plan through completion. IT'S NOT AN ACTUAL QUOTE. Estimate is based on 2.1% of your balance owed. Actual interest rates will vary by consumer and creditor – yours could be higher or lower. Consolidated Credit might be able to reduce your interest rates and late fees allowing you to pay off your credit card debt quicker (since more payments are applied to your principal balances, saving you lots of money in the long run). To complete the program, you must make on-time payments each month. Late or missed payments may cause your program to be cancelled and in that event, this estimate would not apply to you.

Here’s what our clients say…

Heaven sent seems fitting to say. What was once something unfathomable, has become easily attainable. This program has enabled our family to breathe easier and see the light at the end of a long debt filled journey.

Mr. Julian M.

Everyone has been so great working with me. I have been a part of Consolidated Credit now since November of 2015 and it is exciting to see the balances actually decreasing and some of the bills are about to be paid off. I am very pleased that I engaged their services.

Mary E. Massey

Best Rating: 5 | Average Rating: 4.7 | Reviews: 8222